Can we share our way out of this climate mess?

On the side of the road, just where you turn into my suburb, there’s a large sign that reads, ‘Climate Election’. Although the election has been and gone, the sign is still there and it’s looking kind of forlorn.

It’s been a sad few weeks for anyone who was looking for a clear change of direction from the federal government in relation to action on climate change. The reality of the looming climate crisis can feel particularly overwhelming when we fixate on the political process as the only practical solution — a mindset that makes a lot of sense when you consider the complexity and scope of the challenge ahead.

However, this is a mindset that Nobel laureate, Elinor Ostrom cautioned against in 2010 when she argued that, given the ongoing failure of governments to reach agreement at the international level, it is essential that we ‘adopt a polycentric approach to the problem of climate change in order to gain the benefits at multiple scales as well as to encourage experimentation and learning from diverse policies adopted by multiple scales’.

Read the rest over at Eureka Street.

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