Dr Cristy Clark is an Australian legal academic and writer based at the University of Canberra. Her research and academic writing focuses on the human right to water, legal geography, and the intersection of human rights, neoliberalism and the environment. Further information about her academic publications can be found here.

Cristy has also written about law, human rights, feminism, motherhood and food politics for a variety of publications, including The Conversation, Eureka Street, Kill Your Darlings Journal, ABC The Drum, Overland, Essential Baby, The Wheeler Centre online, The Human Rights Defender, and The Big Issue. She has also spoken about these issues on radio, including ABC Outsiders, Radio National’s Life Matters, Beyond Zero Emissions, 2ser 107.3 and Gentile and the Jew.

In 2016, Cristy founded the Feminist Writers Festival.

On the blog you’ll find further musings about feminism, motherhood, politics, development, human rights and food.

Please do not republish the images or words on this website without prior authorisation (except for short quotes). Thank you.

Cristy can be contacted on cristy dot clark at icloud dot com.

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